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Volker Steinwascher

Vice Chairman
Qoros Auto Co. Ltd.


Before joining Qoros, Mr. Steinwascher was Executive Vice President of Volkswagen of America. He began his career with Volkswagen in 1986 as Project Manager for the establishment of an engine plant in the former German Democratic Republic. From 1989 to 1991, he was a Senior Executive in purchasing and responsible for the coordination of all international activities. In 1992, Mr. Steinwascher assumed the position of Executive Director for all activities in the Czech and Slovak Republic, and one year later became Executive Director of the North American Region. He was subsequently appointed as Executive Director and Vice-President of the North American Region, ultimately becoming the Vice-Chairman in 1996.

Before Volkswagen, Mr. Steinwascher held several management positions, including working in the aerospace industry for the Space Shuttle's Space Lab project, and for Krupp & Salzgitter AG in international plant construction.



He is a graduate engineer from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany.